We had a successful year in 2017.

In 2017 that was completed as a productive and profitable year, İş REIC carried on with its investments according to plans in line with its consistent growth target, carried out new project developments on the plots in its portfolio, secured continuity and rise in its rental income, captured the targeted sales figures, and increased its revenues.

With a market capitalization
 of TL 1,243 million as at
 31 December 2017, our Company represents approximately 4.6% of the real estate investment trust sector. The Company’s total portfolio value was up by 7% on an annual basis to TL 5,215 million in the reporting period.

Our main strategic goal is to be a profitable company.

Our Company’s priorities with respect to sustainable growth and profitability are to complete all of the ongoing investments according to projected timelines while generating profit, capture targeted rental and sales figures, render high cash dividend payout sustainable, and work to develop projects that will secure the best use and benefits on the plots in the portfolio.

The Company capitalizes on investment opportunities in relation to projects and real estates that will secure increased growth and income, gives consideration to the mixed-use project concept that covers both residential units and commercial spaces in the projects developed, thus ensuring the continuity of the benefit to be secured by way of leasing activities, while intending to obtain high income and profitability through sales at the same time.

We hold a positive outlook for 2018.

We anticipate that growth will continue in our sector also in 2018, housing sales will pick up and premium ratios will come to reasonable levels. We also envisage that the support lent to the sector will go on through various government incentives, among which incentives envisaged to be provided via the existing Housing Account system will come to the forefront.

In 2018, İş REIC’s primary target within the scope of its growth strategy will be to bring its investment expenditures, sales, and leasing processes in relation to its existing projects to completion.

İş REIC targets to generate added value by keeping an eye out for districts that invariably presented high growth potential as proven by their values in the past. The Company always beholds a broad perspective for the projects it will take part in and considers it a priority to refine the entire visage of the area.

I would like to extend my thanks to all our stakeholders for their support and trust who have been a part of the value and achievements created by İş REIC that perceives sustainability at economic, environmental and social levels and reflects the same notion in the projects it develops.

Yours sincerely,