Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Policy

At the heart of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is our mission to create spaces befitting modern people and cities, and our impact and power to change and transform our environment as a result of our ongoing work.

At İŞGYO, while leading the industry with this understanding, we act on the fact that it is possible for all segments of society to have access to better living opportunities.

Fulfilling our responsibility for the world, the society we live in and our people, we leverage our competencies to generate solutions in line with our priority to create value for all our stakeholders and our employees' sensitivity to social problems, and we adopt the principle of creating social value that will lead to change in the areas we focus on and influence.

Our Strategy

At İŞGYO, we prioritize everyone's access to better living opportunities, and we strive to equip, influence, guide, and mobilize everyone we can reach.

Our Social Competencies

Our focus

In line with our policy of making social investments that will create tangible benefits and set an example for all segments of society, the industry and the business world, we, at İŞGYO, focus on children's access to equal educational, cultural, environmental and social opportunities, and aim at improving the skills of children within the framework of our priority issues.

Our Priority Work Areas

Donation Policy

The Company may make donations within the scope of social responsibility and within the procedures and principles determined by the Capital Markets Board.

In order to contribute positively to the public perception of the Company's sensitivity for its social responsibility, donations could be made without requiring material or non-material benefit.

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Sponsorships and Donations Made: