The Ethic Line has been formed for all stakeholders to inform Committee for Audit, consists of independent Board Members, about issues which are not compatible with Code of laws or Company’s Code of Ethics.

There is no obligation for the stakeholder to share personal info. In case personal info is shared, the privacy rules will be in effect. The stakeholder will be informed, if contact details are provided, about the Committee for Audit’s consideration about the issue.

The Ethic Line’s only objective is to inform the Company about illegal or unethical issues and no action will be taken for requests like hiring, suggestions, complaints, etc. For such similar issues please use Company’s other communication channels.

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“İŞ GAYRİMENKUL YATIRIM ORTAKLIĞI A.Ş. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA AND PRIVACY POLICY” I declare that I have read and understood and I accept that my personal data can be processed, transferred and stored within the framework of the purposes and conditions specified in the said Policy.”