We sustained our successful performance also through 2016

The real estate sector in Turkey performs in direct proportion to the national economy and has different parameters with respect to growth and profitability dynamics. İş REIC takes these data into account when planning its investments and always notches up its goals.

Generating a substantial part of its turnover on fixed rental income as well as from housing sales revenues, our Company minimizes any negative impact resulting from periods of below-projected housing sales or seasonal effects upon its total income owing to the fixed rental income derived.

At the end of the day, İş REIC targets to attain high returns and profitability by capturing the ideal balance between real estate investments producing regular income and those that will yield development profit in line with the conjuncture.

Our projects continue according to plans.

While achieving progress according to plans in its ongoing investments in 2016, our Company also realized property investments for new project developments.

In 2016;

Our roadmap for 2017 and thereafter sets our goals clearly.

Our growth strategy is based in the creation of a stable, efficient and diversified portfolio that will enable distribution of sustainable, high cash dividends to our shareholders, and we are guided by this motivation in all our operations. Our primary goal within the frame of our growth strategy is to bring the ongoing large-scale projects to completion by utilizing financing when necessary so as to avoid any hardships; to sell them, if they are residential projects, and to complete and rent them for income generation, if they are commercial properties, all the while executing both the financing and the investment policy without any disruption. To this end, increasing our rental income by completing the projects in progress and thereby, creating solid, sustainable resources for financing new projects make up the outlines of our roadmap. İş REIC will move ahead, determined to preserve its competitive superiority that will strengthen its position in the sector with its solid shareholders’ equity, sustainable high cash dividend distribution, regular rental income, reasonable borrowing level and diversified portfolio.

Our Company will be making its investments in areas deemed profitable in the year ahead, and will follow up the conjuncture to capitalize on the opportunities that come along at the right time, drawing on its experience and vision.

We will keep working altogether with the 
goal of carrying İş REIC to an increasingly stronger position, maintaining our focus on creating shareholder value and assuring sustainability. I would like to thank our shareholders, employees, investors, and all our other stakeholders, whose trust and support will back us in our path to success.

Turgay Tanes